Bone fractures and breaks are some of the most common injuries resulting from accidents in Los Angeles – and some of the most painful. In many cases, regaining your full mobility or range of motion can take months. When bones don’t heal correctly, you may face recurrent surgeries and even lifelong battles with pain and loss of mobility – and with it, the loss of activities you once enjoyed.

If you’ve suffered a broken or fractured bone as the result of an accident or someone else’s negligence, a Los Angeles bone fracture lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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Types of Broken Bone Injuries

There are many different types of bone fractures, and many terms are used to describe the type of break. Terms that are often applied to broken bones resulting from accidents include:

  • Open fractures, or compound fractures, break open the skin. Closed fractures do not go through the skin.
  • Complete fractures are breaks that go all the way through the bone, separating it into two pieces. Partial fractures do not go all the way through the bone.
  • Transverse fractures are breaks in a straight line across the bone and commonly result from traumatic impacts, such as vehicle accidents.
  • Oblique fractures occur diagonally across the bone and often result from a sharp blow or impact.
  • Comminuted fractures indicate that the bone has broken into three or more pieces. Where one piece of bone is left “floating” and not attached to other pieces, it is called a segmental fracture.

The symptoms of a broken bone depend on the location and severity of the injury, but in most cases include significant pain, swelling, unusual bend or twist, and difficulty using the injured body part. If you have been involved in any kind of accident, it is critical to seek a comprehensive medical evaluation as soon as possible even if you think you have not been seriously injured. Some injuries may not have immediate symptoms, or may have mild symptoms, and yet still have debilitating consequences.

Types of Accidents That Can Cause Broken Bones

All kinds of accidents can result in broken bones. However, in order to sue someone else for your broken bone, we typically must be able to prove that the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can determine whether negligence contributed to your accident.

Many types of accidents that result from the negligence of others can cause broken bones. For example:

The Costs of Treating and Recovering from Bone Fractures

Treatment for bone fractures and the time it takes to heal vary with the severity of your injuries.

Treatment options may include:

  • Immobilizing the bone, such as through a splint, brace, cast, or traction
  • Surgery to repair the bone and/or insert metal rods or plates to hold the bone together
  • Over-the-counter and prescription pain medication
  • Rest
  • Crutches and other mobility devices
  • Refraining from strenuous activity
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitative exercises

In many cases, broken bones take weeks or even months to heal. During that time your doctor may check on the bone’s healing process and take additional steps to aid healing. You may have persistent pain over months or even years, depending on the severity of the injury. Your recovery may depend on many factors, including your age and overall health, and other injuries sustained in the accident.

The costs of your medical care and rehabilitation can seem overwhelming, as can the financial stress of missing work or not being able to participate in activities of daily life. The compassionate bone fracture attorneys at MAJK Law understand how a broken bone can impact your life and want to help you get the compensation you deserve, while you focus on your recovery.

Compensation for Broken Bones in Los Angeles

When you’ve been in an accident in Los Angeles and suffered a broken bone as a result, the amount and type of damages you may be able to recover will depend on multiple factors, including the severity of your injuries and who was at fault.

Our experienced bone fracture attorneys have successfully recovered all types of compensation in these cases, including:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Accommodations and assistance needed in your home or office
  • Lost income and wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Disfigurement and physical impairment
  • Disability
  • Property loss or damage
  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Costs of alternate transportation
  • Wrongful death

When you sue for damages after breaking a bone in an accident, the amount you can recover will depend largely on the specific facts of your case – and the quality of your legal team. Some expenses, such as medical expenses or vehicle repair bills, can be fairly easy to demonstrate. Other costs, such as placing a value on your pain and suffering, or the loss of activities you once enjoyed, can be much harder to calculate and prove – and yet may make up a significant portion of your overall compensation.

This is where the quality of your legal representation can make a critical difference. The skilled accident attorneys at MAJK Law will take the time to fully understand your circumstances and the impact the accident has made on your life – so that we can fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Broken Bone Case?

In California, you typically have two years from the date of the accident in which to file a claim for personal injury. After that time, you may lose the right to sue for damages. In some limited circumstances, the two-year period may begin to run later, in the case of injuries that are not immediately apparent.

Determining how much time you have to file your claim is not always easy. It’s best to seek legal representation as soon as possible after an accident. In addition to ensuring that you meet filing deadlines, this can allow maximum time to investigate your claim, ensure the availability of records and witnesses, and help demonstrate to the court the severity of the accident’s impact.

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