We know insurance. You get paid.

The backgrounds of our partners are key to why MAJK Law offers something a little different to most personal injury firms.

Many firms claim to have ex-adjusters who have come over to their side. Our in-house insurance expert was the chief claims officer at multiple insurance companies.

He can accurately predict what insurance adjusters will say to avoid liability because he has trained adjusters and made a living from not paying out on claims or paying out pennies on the dollar.

Arno H. Keshishian‘s years of litigation experience in the courtrooms of Los Angeles County, this puts us in a powerful position to fight your claim successfully.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was no fault of your own, you want someone who will listen to your story and who you can trust to guide you through the next steps.

But what separates one personal injury law firm from another? What qualities make up a personal injury attorney who you want to fight your corner for you?

We believe it’s not just one “magic” ingredient but a combination of the following:

  • The ability to relieve your burden at such a stressful time – when you and your family may be struggling financially and worried about the health of a loved one and unable to focus on what’s needed to claim fair compensation.
  • Experience in negotiating with insurance companies – with a full understanding of the strategies they use and a never-give-in attitude to the low-balling tactics they may use to settle your claim.
  • Results in the courtroom – the ability to get you the maximum possible payout by going to trial (if necessary) and claiming a small measure of justice for the physical, mental, emotional, and financial losses you have suffered.

MAJK Law was created to provide all these ingredients for accident victims in the Los Angeles County area.

Litigators first and foremost

We are litigators first and foremost – very different from the so-called “ambulance chasers” who give personal injury law a bad name.

Many of the cases we receive are referred by other lawyers – accident or injury cases that they could not settle with the insurance company and are going to trial or need to be litigated. Many cases are “damaged” by the time they get to us due to the actions of a previous firm that was not equipped to do battle with the insurance companies.

Our experience in the courtroom means that insurance companies know that we know their strategies. They are less likely to try to low-ball you in a personal injury settlement as they know we are prepared to file a lawsuit and go to court on your behalf.

Our personal injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge and ability to handle trials and to push to the end so that our clients get what they deserve for their pain, suffering, and financial losses.

We will never try to convince you to take a settlement that is less than what you deserve just so that we get paid.

What else can you expect from us?

  • One-stop-shop – we won’t send you to another law firm because one simple letter did not convince the insurance company to send you a check. We fight for you in court if necessary.

  • 24/7 availability – yes, really! We know that with serious accidents, the situation can change quickly and you will have many questions. We’ll be there for you when you need us.

  • Direct line to an experienced attorney – you won’t be dealing with paralegal or assistants. Your case will be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney from the start.

  • Guidance and peace of mind – we’ve handled hundreds of personal injury cases over the years and will guide you through the whole process, shouldering the burden of communicating with insurance companies and all the rest.

  • In-house insurance expertise – our in-house insurance expertise means we can fight your case with our team of attorneys rather than having to refer to other law firms.

  • Access to medical specialists – the testimony of medical specialists is often key in personal injury cases and can help convince juries that the maximum settlement is justified.

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“It was great working with their professional team, they were super friendly and responsive in assisting me in every way to get my injury case resolved. I actually received a payout more than what I was expecting so they definitely provided a Great Value! Will definitely be saving their contact information for whenever the need arises. Highly Recommend!”


“You won’t get better advice and service anywhere else. Working with Arno and his team was a breeze. They were able to assist and get us an amazing result. They were professional the entire time and kept us informed throughout the whole process. There is no doubt we will use them again if needed and recommend them to anyone in need of an experienced attorney.”


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