State Farm Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in the country, servicing over 83 million insurance policies. For many consumers, such a familiar brand brings peace of mind—and yet most State Farm customers have minimal contact until an urgent need, such as a car accident, arises.

The denial of a claim—or the offer of a lowball settlement that won’t cover your expenses, let alone your pain and suffering—can add stress at a time when you may already feel overwhelmed. The skilled attorneys at MAJK Law want to help.

If you are struggling with a State Farm insurance claim, a knowledgeable auto insurance dispute lawyer advocating for your rights can greatly impact the amount and type of payment you may receive. We’ll fight hard to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve in a timely manner.

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State Farm Insurance Claims Process

Typically, State Farm’s claim process is set into motion very quickly after a crash. Insurance companies realize the advantages to contacting victims who may be recovering or feeling vulnerable after an accident. They will ask you for information, gather estimates, and offer you a payment, all while making the process appear quick and easy.

However, as friendly and helpful as your State Farm agent may appear, remember that they don’t work for you—they are looking out for their employer by paying as little as possible. When they ask for information, recorded statements, or permission to review your medical history, they may be looking for reasons to devalue or deny your claim. If you are contacted by State Farm agents after an accident, protect yourself by refusing to provide additional information before you’ve spoken with an insurance dispute lawyer.

In some cases, there may be legitimate disagreements as to what happened in the accident, who is to blame, or the costs of your economic and non-economic expenses. Our experienced team of attorneys can help represent you at mediation hearings to resolve disputes and demonstrate the true value of your claim.

In other cases, State Farm may engage in a number of tactics common to the insurance industry, in which they seek to deny or devalue claims. These tactics are particularly common against victims who are without legal representation. A knowledgeable insurance dispute lawyer can help protect you against these attempts to avoid paying you fairly.

Common Disputes Between a Claimant and State Farm Insurance

Common tactics used by State Farm and other insurance companies to devalue or deny car accident claims include:

  • Attempts to Reduce the Value of Medical Expenses. California law requires that insurance cover all necessary and reasonable medical expenses that result from injuries sustained in a car accident. It is not up to State Farm to dictate what medical care you are entitled to.
  • Attempts to Deny or Reduce Pain and Suffering Claims. Placing a value on your pain and suffering can be more difficult than proving your medical or vehicle repair expenses. State Farm and other insurance agencies may even claim that you are not entitled to payment for your pain and suffering—particularly if you are without legal representation. Do not accept their statements about what you are or are not entitled to without speaking to a knowledgeable insurance dispute attorney.
  • Attempts to Shift Fault for the Accident. California is a comparative fault state, which means that multiple parties can be at fault for an accident—and that you may recover for damages even if you are partly to blame. However, State Farm may try to assign blame in a way that minimizes the payout they have to make. An insurance dispute lawyer will work on your behalf to show an accurate determination of fault.
  • Attempts to Reduce Claim due to Pre-Existing Conditions. State Farm may try to attach some of your current injuries to pre-existing conditions or prior injuries. California tort law prevents insurance companies from escaping liability on the basis of a plaintiff’s pre-existing condition—our accident attorneys can ensure that your medical conditions and status are accurately accounted for.
  • Attempts to Reduce Repair Costs. State Farm is entitled to conduct an inspection of your vehicle’s damage, but you are also entitled to an inspection and to obtain multiple estimates for the costs of repair, at auto body shops of your choice—not just those favored by State Farm.
  • Attempts to Reduce the Fair Market Value of Your Vehicle. State Farm is required to pay for the lesser of repairing or replacing your vehicle. As with repair estimates, you do not have to accept their valuation of your vehicle; we can help compare your vehicle to others of similar age, make and model to come up with a fair valuation.
  • Attempts to Delay. It can be tempting to take whatever payment State Farm offers—especially as time drags on and your expenses mount. State Farm may use this to their advantage by allowing the process to lag.
  • Discouraging You from Hiring an Attorney. State Farm may tell you that no legal representation is necessary. The truth is that having an experienced insurance dispute attorney by your side reduces their ability to use these tactics to deny you a fair payment.

State Farm Lawsuit Settlements

After an accident, many State Farm clients assume that they will receive the settlement they deserve just by making a claim. However, State Farm agents do not work for you, and are not looking out for your interests. They are interested in protecting their employer by paying as little as possible on your claim.

Our experienced insurance dispute lawyers understand the tactics State Farm may use and will work hard to investigate and prove the true value of your claim—or fight tirelessly for you in court. Our lawyers have decades of experience in State Farm insurance disputes and are ready to fight for your interests by lawsuit if necessary. Aggressive representation can often be the difference between compensation that covers the true impact to your health and well-being, and a settlement that doesn’t even begin to pay your bills.

The MAJK Law Difference

At MAJK Law, our car accident attorneys have extensive experience representing car accident victims in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Whether you have been in a rear-end, T-bone, or head-on collision, we can help.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, we can help you through all the stages of legal and insurance remediation that ensue, including:

  • Investigating the incident and determining fault;
  • Collecting and analyzing the police report;
  • Communicating and negotiating with insurance companies and other involved parties;
  • Calculating damages;
  • Drafting an insurance demand letter;
  • Representing your interests in court; and
  • Pursuing the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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